Kid Lunches

Eating healthy should be fun and nutritious for kids and not stressful for parents!

We provide healthy and nutritious meals for your little ones by partnering with your child's school. With a wide variety of locally sourced meals there is always something for everyone (even picky eaters). We can provide traditional, vegetarian or vegan lunch and snack 1-5 days per week. 

For questions regarding meal choices, days, cost and payment options, please discuss with your individual school's administration as policies differ per institution.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information such as how much does this cost, what are some examples of meals, etc.

Some Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?

We partner with your child's school and based on their capacity they will choose how many days a week they want us to provide the food services. The school will then get in touch with parents and inform them of the days, food options and meals based on the school's allergy policies and the costs to parents which is automatically added to your monthly bill. The school gives parents who aren't interested the option to opt out, otherwise you don't have to do any sign up specifically with us. Once everything is set, the only you have to do is not pack lunch anymore

How much are the meals? 

Meals are priced per your child's school but start at $5 per child per day and what that includes can be just lunch or a combination of lunch and snack.

What are your meal choices? 

We have 3 meal options. They are Traditional, Vegetarian and Vegan.

What are some examples of meals?

All meals will be well balanced and include a protein, vegetable, fruit and carbohydrate.

Traditional: Chicken nuggets, pasta, veggie sticks with hummus, applesauce, cantaloupe.

Vegetarian: Grilled tofu nuggets, brocoli mac and cheese, black bean hummus with veggie sticks, mixed berries.

Vegan: Grilled plant based sausage nuggets, quinoa salad, guacamole with veggie sticks, citrus salad. 

What do you have for snacks?

For snacks, we have sweet and savory options such as our own applesauce with nothing but apples, potato chips grilled with only a little salt and vegan butter from local apples and potatoes when they are in season. We also do beet and sweet potato chips as well as mixed berries and citrus salad with oranges, pomello, grapefruit, blood oranges

Where does the food come from?

We source our produce from 3-5 different local farmers who come to the Natick Farmers Market every Saturday such as Freitas, Tangerini and Foppemas. We try to cook with the season and work with what the farmers are picking and so our menu will change accordingly.

Where is the food made?

All the food is made in Dugu's commercial fully licensed kitchen located at 26 Park St, Medfield. 

How do you handle nut and other allergies?

We follow whatever the school's allergy policies are and that means if the school doesn't allow certain food types such as tree nuts we will follow that policy. We are not a nut free kitchen, however we use specific workstations for specific food types to reduce any potential for cross contamination. That means the bowl  ​all

How is the food packed?

Meals are packed family style per food type in washable/reusable containers and children serve themselves using little bowls and plates. So that means there's one big container (or several big containers) for the traditional meal option, one for vegetarian and one for vegan meal option as well. No disposables and if we use any bags it is paper or made from other 100% plant based materials that will break down in a backyard compost pile (always looking for recommendations so if you have any good ones you've tried please let us know).

Why don't you pack food individually and in disposable containers?

For a number of reasons. First, our children get the chance to interact with their peers as they eat family style, and it's an opportunity to teach them to serve themselves and others at their level (no climbing the dinner chair to reach the table) and also about sustainability. Second, I have made it my personal mission to enable the younger generation to help undo this disposable culture we live in. I can't change the world, but I can do what I can to change my little part in it. 

Why should I do this?

Ummm...really! Have you forgotten those mornings when you're rushing out the door to get to school on time so you can catch your train/get to work, and you forgot to grab your child's lunch? Or the guilt you feel when you feed them the same exact crappy food for 2 weeks straight? Or when you've reached the point where you really don't care what they eat at school as long as they're fed? Yeah...that's why!


Why are you doing this?

I spend an average of 30 minutes every freaking day making lunch and snacks so my kids eat balanced, healthy and nutritious food. Other options are either too expensive, straight up nasty or create too much packaging waste that just ends up in a landfill or the sea as most aren't recyclable (even the ones that are sometimes).

What is Dugu? 

Dugu is a meal delivery/pickup and catering service that offers healthy and delicious food from all countries of West Africa. Started in Natick, we make experiencing food from different countries of Africa easy and fun and source most of our seasonal produce from local farms. At the core of what we do at Dugu, education is one of our biggest principle and driving force. We see food as a powerful medium through which to educate our guests big and small about the continent of Africa, it’s people, cultures and wonders as well as challenges. 


What does Dugu mean?

It means "village" in Bamanan, a language from Mali widely spoken throughout West Africa. Supporting busy working parents is our foundation and why we started this business. It takes a village to get through every stage of life, not just raising a child. It takes a village of dedicated teachers to teach our children as they go through school. It takes a village of awesome, hardworking farmers to get us our fresh seasonal produce. It takes a village like Dugu to bring your little one delicious, healthy and nutritious food so you can keep part of your sanity (hopefully there's still a little there).


Okay, I'm sold on not packing lunches and washing all the tiny little multicolored bowls, but my kid's school isn't signed up.

Email me at and I'll be in touch about how to get your school signed up.

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