Cooking for you is what we love...

We live to take things off your plate.

Well, not literally but kind of. At Dugu, we help you save time and money by providing you with healthy deliciousness, unlike any other with variety from all over the world with a focus on West African Cuisine. That means, every week as our menu changes, you will find stews and specialties you've never tried, but also things you're familiar with. There is something for everyone, from well seasoned to spicy but never bland. Take a dive with us and come discover West African Fusion Cuisine!

Some Popular Meals!

Fried Red Rice_edited.jpg

Fried Rice

Meticulously seasoned whole or broken jasmine rice cooked in a delicious stew with vegetables, chicken, lamb, beef goat meat or fish. Presented plainly or as an eatable decorated work of art, this staple has a multitude of names ranging from Jolof, Zamei, Tiep to Riz Gras. It's a guaranteed winner...always.


Tomato & Meat Stew

A traditional favorite of West African countries enjoyed with rice or some form of mashed vegetable/grain, each different ethnicity in the region makes this dish in one way, shape or form. They might look different, but the thumb sucking and finger-licking that ensues is the same across the region.

Grill Lamb Couscous .jpg

Sahelian Lamb

Between the well seasoned juicy succulent lamb, couscous salad bathed in finely marinated cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic and fresh lemon juice, you have to remember to breathe as you eat. Warning: "chew slowly so you don't bite your tongue" and we mean it.